Sunday, March 25, 2007

# 8

C as in casual
(and, in "Come Together" by the Beatles)
There is a very thin line between spending hours in front of the mirror, trying to decide rather your new, black Cheap Monday or J Lindeberg jeans gives you the cutest bottom (and yes, you have been there) to simply trying too hard.
As an average teen in the age of only fourteen I became familiar with two things: Foundation (chosen by everything ells but my skin colour) and a pair of extremely slim, white jeans.
For about six months I basically locked myself inside my Orlando/Depp/Aguilera/Paris covered walls, cutted of all kind of school work + plans with precious friends, and decided to spend my entire time, looking (jaloux) on a picture of r&b singer Ashanti in pantyhose, extensions and huuuge "glue on" eyelashes. (+ eating)
W H A T I S T H A T ! ?
Today, style is my passion, not my life.
Please, be casual. It's way cooler - trust me.
(The adorable girl below has now, luckily, replaced Ashantis spot in my “stay natural, you’re unique” and eased fashion covered mind)

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